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We now offer FREE prescription delivery to anywhere in the Lower Mainland. All drivers are registered nurses.

Monday November 2, 2015

Loving Home Care Services Ltd. is proud to announce a new relationship with Miracle Prescriptions Ltd. under the Remedy’s Rx brand.

What does this mean? We can now deliver prescribed medication 7 days per week, log each visit and keep the family worry and stress free from medicine management.

We will be able to provide our clients the following

  • Provide individual review of your medication
  • Provide information and education about your medication
  • Keep your medication record up-to-date with your physician (if you have just been released from the hospital with new medications or you are seeing specialists who are prescribing you medications)
  • Provide strategies to help you deal with the side-effects of medication
  • Provide free home deliveries (morning, afternoon, and/or evening)
  • Witness patient ingest their dose(s) and maintain daily log of interaction and communication
  • Provide daily and/or weekly symptoms and medication compliance reports
  • Provide monthly “Medication Administration Record”
  • Observe a check-list of symptoms and/or warning signs and report any concerns to the patients case manager, social worker, family member or prescriber
  • Communicate specific instructions, messages or medication therapy changes between the patients and prescribers/healthcare team if necessary
  • Provide pharmacy services all year round, except holidays.
  • Provide emergency response contact information of the pharmacy team to the patient & their family members should any questions or concerns arise.
  • Treat each patient with respect, dignity and professionalism at all times.
  • In development of easier tools for todays tech driven world for up-to-date state of the art communication between all members.

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