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As your loved one leaves the hospital, what can you expect during your transition to home?

Returning Home

As a loved one returns home from an extended stay in the hospital, this period is an important time of transition for the individual and family members. While being discharged may create the sense that the level of care can ease, it is often the time that requires the most amount of attention. Within the first 90 days of going home, many seniors are readmitted to the hospital due to overextending themselves, failing to take medication or not recognizing when they need assistance. It’s because of this vulnerable period that many seniors need an extra amount of care to eventually reach their goal of becoming independent again.

Loving Home Care Services proudly carries 25 years of experience providing post hospital care in the North Shore and Greater Vancouver area. We pride ourselves on helping seniors continue to live comfortably in their own homes while providing the highest quality of home care in a safe, dignified and respectable manner.

Building Strength

This period will often set the pace for the recovery time that will follow. If the right amount of care and preparation is given in advance, a loved one will be better equipped to get by on their own.

With the assistance of a Home Care Assistant or Care-Aide from Loving Home Care Services, individuals are given the best care right before they even step back into their home. We will meet you in the hospital, speak with the nurses and over-seeing Doctors to discuss what services will be needed to ensure a safe trip home, and a smooth transition into home care. Every precautionary step is taken to create a seamless transition back into the comforts of home.

We offer a spectrum of post hospital services, including:

  • Case Management and Hospital Assessment
  • Home visit to ensure the home is ready for hospital discharge
  • Home modifications if needed
  • Communication with Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Professionals, and Care-Aides
  • Any of the Level I, II, III services
  • Medical equipment assistance
  • Medical tests and physician exam assistance
  • Nutrition meal planning and exercises, mind and body
  • Assistance with household chores such as laundry, garbage disposal, light house-keeping, etc.
  • Personal errands, shopping, and groceries
  • Travel and mobility aide
  • 1-On-1 Care and Attention

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We work directly with our clients to put together the right package of services required to help our seniors where they need it the most.

Loving Home Care took care of me post-hip surgery. Both care-givers were excellent, professional, and above all, caring.

Anne M. Ferguson

Accommodating To Routine

Many seniors take great comfort in being accustomed to their daily routine. Unfortunately, an extended hospital visit can leave them feeling anxious and without any sense of familiarity.

This is why at Loving Home Care Services, we provide the highest level of medical care while also ensuring that your loved one retains the familiar touch that they depend upon.

The Best Quality Of Care

At Loving Home Care Services, we realize that being discharged from the hospital is a vulnerable time for both the senior client and family. We take great pride in treating our clients in the physical sense, but even more in the emotional sense.

The clients we take care of feel secure with our medical expertise and are at ease knowing that we treat them with dignity and respect. When the time comes to return home, you can trust Loving Home Care Services to provide a professional and warm experience for you and your family.

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