Companionship Services

If you find you or your loved one is feeling lonely or is seeking a companion, allow Loving Home Care Services to be there for you when you need us. Our professional, friendly personal Home Care Assistants and Care-aides are dedicated to providing the undivided attention that every individual need. Whether accompanying you on a walk to the park or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, we want to make our senior clients feel cared for.

Positive Care-Aides For All Situations

Everyone, no matter how old they are or what illness they are dealing with, needs a friend. Our cheerful care-aides aim to build a relationship with our senior clients, getting to know them as people and partaking in their interests. You will always have the same Home Care Assistant or Care-Aide on an ongoing basis. We believe this is the best way to build long-lasting trust and establish a family-like relationship with the client. We have a wonderful team of compassionate Home Care Assistants and Care-Aides who are dedicated to providing companionship for our clients. All of our Home Care Assistants and Care-Aides are insured, bonded and thoroughly pre-screened, providing you with peace of mind you need.

Our care-aides offer a range of companionship services, including:

  • Community Outings
  • Reading with you or to you
  • Playing games
  • Going for walks
  • Taking pets for a walk
  • Attend family gatherings
  • Accompanying to medical appointments
  • Providing home support services
  • Joining your personal interests; drawing, knitting or other activities
  • And More…

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The caregivers have been such wonderful, caring people who really have treated our Mother as one of their own loved ones. So very kind, patient and compassionate and we always were confident that she was safe and being cared for in a loving, compassionate way.

The Gatrueau Family

Comforting Companionship

As our loved ones age, they can sometimes become more isolated. Whether from losing a spouse or from becoming less mobile, seniors may find themselves at home alone more frequently and in need of companionship. Family members can often fulfill that need, but when they live far away or are occupied during weekdays with work or school, the senior is in need of companionship so to continue to stay happy. We believe it is just as important to look after a clients social needs as it is to take care of their physical, mental and medical needs. That’s why we provide companionship services for senior clients in whatever setting they may need when no one is able to be with them.

Assistance You Can Trust

Sometimes a family gathering or a community outing is easier with one of our cheerful Home Care Assistants and Care-Aides at their side. Our wonderful Home Care Assistants and Care-Aides can make medical appointments less stressful by accompanying our clients to the office and sitting with them while they wait for the doctor. Or maybe their eyesight makes it difficult to read and they would enjoy having one of our Home Care Assistants or Care-Aides read to them while enjoying evening tea. Whatever the activity, our mission through our senior companionship service is to help fulfill the social needs of you or your loved one.

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We work directly with our clients to put together the right package of services required to help our seniors where they need it the most.

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