Risks of Hiring Private vs. Agency

If you hire a care-aide directly to save money, the care-aide is really an employee. That exposes you to all expenses, liabilities, and risks of having an employee. Care-Aides who work the hours you specify, follow your directions, and use your home and equipment (e.g., dishwasher, washer & dryer, vacuum, kitchen and household equipment) are legally your employees. Read below to understand the risks involved in hiring a care-aide privately vs. agency. 

It Is an Important Decision to Make

When you’re deciding how to care for your loved ones, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is who you will hire to assist with daily activities, provide in-home support or administer medications. Care-Aides often become a significant part of daily life for seniors and those with disabilities, helping with everything from grocery shopping to important therapy. That’s why you should have all the information available before deciding whether to hire an agency care-aide like those at Loving Home Care Services or to hire a care-aide privately.

Liability Differences for Private and Agency Care-Aides

One of the most significant differences between hiring a private care-aide versus hiring an agency care-aide through Loving Home Care Services is the liability issues you may face. When you hire a private care-aide without an agency, that care-aide becomes your employee, exposing you to all of the liabilities, risks, and expenses associated with having an employee.

If you hire a private care-aide:

  • You are liable for damages if they are injured on the job unless you have workers compensation insurance.
  • You will have to withhold taxes, CPP and E.I. from your employee’s income.
  • Your insurance may or may not cover losses in the event that a care-aide takes valuables from your home.
  • Your insurance may or may not compensate you if your care-aide provides poor care.

Conversely, if you hire a care-aide through Loving Home Care Services, we will take care of all of these issues. Instead of being your employee, the care-aide is an employee of our agency. We cover workers compensation insurance for you, so a care-aide cannot hold you liable for any expenses incurred from injuries on the job. We also take care of withholding taxes from our care-aides paycheck, and we thoroughly screen all of our care-aides to do our best to ensure none of them will take something from your home. In the rare event that occurs, however, our insurance will cover making you whole. Our insurance also provides compensation to clients for injuries resulting from poor caregiving.

While hiring a private care-aide can sometimes appear to be the cheaper and easier option, the extra expenses, uncertainty and hassle of having someone work as your employee often cancels out the potential savings. Hiring a care-aide through a trusted agency like Loving Home Care Services will help you avoid the hassle and cover you in the very rare event that something goes wrong.

Hire Reliable, Experienced Care-Aides

Here at Loving Home Care Services, we have more than 20 years of experience providing in-home care in the Greater Vancouver and North Shore area. We pride ourselves on helping seniors continue to live in their own homes while providing the highest quality of care in a safe, dignified and respectable manner.

Unlike with the unknowns of hiring a private care-aide, you can trust that all of our care-aides are licensed and bonded and have passed thorough background checks. We help you customize your care to your desires and ensure we find a wonderful care-aide who matches your lifestyle.

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